March 18, 2008

Until apologies are made to all of the collateral-damaged bloggers, I will not participate in debates; with you guys.  Instead, I’m taking a new approach.  One less reactionary.  Because arguing with liars is senseless.  Picking apart untruths is inane.  So, for now on, I’ll be doing a more generalized commentary.  I think it’s the best stance – to get these people to take ownership for their actions.  Hell, who am I kidding?  I don’t believe that will happen.  But, it would be nice to be proven wrong!  However, ‘observers’?  I think they may get the big picture – once I distance myself from the anger; and present what’s really going on.  Because if there’s one thing which is the most interesting about all of this: “It’s this pervasive attitude that your facts and observations are absolute.  That one of us is wrong and one of us is right.  That’s where the contention and harassment comes into play.”  Anyhow, to achieve this more productive approach, I need to distance myself from the insanity.  I will not visit any of your blogs anymore.  I don’t need to read them.  It’s just spin after spin – of utter bullshit.   It’s annoying.  And where I’ve strayed is getting into the nitty gritty details with the devil.  Boy, I’m glad to be more focused.  In closing, I want to thank bloggers, my family, friends, and colleagues – for all of your support.  Whether it’s been a letter, an email, an IM, or a phone call – it has meant a lot.

Disclosure:  If you have no idea what the hell is going on, don’t ask!  Those involved KNOW what is going on.  The rest of you, getting involved, on either side, perpetuates the drama.

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I can’t discern if you’re dumb or liars?

March 14, 2008

Bimbo and Whitecotton Tales are so intent on harassment, that they get their facts screwed up:

  • Whitecotton Tales mentions that Steve has way back machine set to private. They neglect to mention that their blog is set to private as well!!!! Many people do that.  And I see nothing wrong with that, but since you pointed it out:

We’re sorry, access to http://thewhitecottontales.wordpress.com/ has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt.
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  • Bimbo shows a picture (see below) of Steve’s category section on his blog. There’s a picture inside a television set which is designated as his ‘Entertainment’ section. Bimbo states this is a profile picture? Can you not read? It says ‘Topics.’
  • Whitecotton Tales states that Steve removed this picture immediately after Bimbo posted it. Actually it was 3 days later after Brettcajun offered advice on how to keep you guys from harassing us. I guess since he knows you, he knows what to do?
  • As far as Steve changing his image on February 29th. You’re lying bud, again! Steve can’t access that MyBlogLog, it was hacked!  All the info on that MYBLOGLOG, was placed on that site, by a hacker!  In fact, if you look at STEVE’s MYBLOGLOG, the asshole who hacked it has himself signed up as a friend on STEVE’s MYBLOGLOG.  I wouldn’t put it past you guys as being the one’s who hacked it!  The account he can log onto, never had any kind of picture which you seem to mention. Once again, lying to get to ‘the truth?’
And as I said in my last post, you boys don’t want to end this drama.  It’s reached the point that I’m tired of pointing out your lies and games.  People aren’t dumb.  They can see that your intent is not to point out an internet hoax.  It’s to harass.  And why no mention or apologies to ME and all the other’s you’ve accused of being Steve?  Once again, collateral damage all over the fucking place.  One last thing.  It’s clear that you guys are so proud of yourselves.  Not sure why.  The whole premise of this blog is that none of those you harass is Mark Whitecotton.  The_Gay_Dude’s fucking name?  Chukka!!!!!  And this crap of some ‘Scientist’ researching records, is exactly that – crap.  Because EVERYONE knows that records can be hidden and expunged!  And his last name, nor mine, nor Steve’s – and as far as I know – anyone else that you harass – is Whitecotton.  As I stated before, Mark Whitecotton was a fucking username.  Just like Joshua Luetkemeyer is a username, and Steve Pulignani!  So spare me the bullshit that that is how residential information was obtained.  It was obtained because of BIMBO.  He is the only one who had one of Steve’s phone #’s which was NOT LISTED IN HIS NAME.  Reverse # lookup could not have been done without it, because it’s a fucking private #.   So, once again, I find it interesting how you guys claim to be exposing an internet hoax, when in reality you’re committing cyber-harassment.  You can’t even write blog entries – on your own personal blog – without taking little jabs here and there.  It’s time to grow up and move on boys.  By the way, that picture of Jimbo holding the pie, can you look any more haggard, bud?  What the hell did Steve see in you?  Or maybe it’s your personality which has tainted my perception of what you look like?  All I know is that I looked around your blog, and you’re looking mighty rough!  Perhaps it’s all the hours you and your ‘friends’ spend – obsessing over Steve?  When do you have time to sleep, anyhow?  I hate to sound cruel, but um……you kind of elicit it from me.
Disclosure:  If you have no idea what the hell is going on, don’t ask!  Those involved KNOW what is going on.  The rest of you, getting involved, on either side, perpetuates the drama.

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March 11, 2008

It’s funny when people make blanket statements:

Steve is Josh.  Josh faked cancer.  Well, Steve ain’t Josh!  And Josh has been very sick with chemo, thank you very much!  All these defamatory, blanketed comments, which makes it clear that one is not seeking the truth, or a way to end this drama.  We have a troll blog which LIED about many commenters, being Steve; including myself.  This Wife-Fraud blog went as far as stating that our IP’s were identical, which they weren’t.   As well as the IP’s of many other bloggers, all of whom are not Steve.  Steve is just Steve.  As disappointing as that is to accept, it’s the truth, boys.  And this little game of adding to the untruths of one troll blog and then posting it on another?  Are you guys that bored with your lives?

Anyhow, I want to thank Whitecotton Tales for bringing up a spat I had with a blogger in Germany.  It’s funny, all along I’ve said that I can be an asshole.  That’s far from being an internet harasser.  But the reason I want to thank you is because I don’t think you knew how many people were involved in that spat with the German blogger (including a well-known and loved blogger whose partner used to be room-mates with this German blogger!!!!).  These people have MY IP on their comments – for that whole debacle (as well as through email exchanges, that I had with the popular gay blogger whose boyfriend was the German blogger’s former room-mate).  I had these exchanges with this blogger, not to stir up trouble, but in an attempt to figure out where the misunderstanding came about between this German blogger and myself.  My IP is a completely different internet provider than Steve’s.  Mine is comcast and his is cavalier.  So, thanks guys!  I could’ve, a long time ago, left a comment on a legitimate blog to prove this; but I don’t feel a need to bow to harassers.  Nor do I feel the need to prove anything to people who lie in an attempt to get to ‘their truth.’  Anyhow, I do leave comments on friendly blogs of those concerned for my health and well-being.  They know I’m not Steve, but they’re the kinds of people who avoid drama.  But given how ‘invested’ you guys are in other’s lives, rather than your own; I can’t imagine it would take that much work for you to get ‘the proof’ that Steve and I aren’t the same person.  That’s why I keep honing in on ‘scientist.’  A true scientist goes where the facts lead them.  Not lead themselves to where they wish the facts to be.  In other words, omitting facts (presenting those things which support their conspiracy, while conveniently not mentioning anything which refutes it)!  Lastly, can you get any more vague with the statement “Imaginary and fake.”  Can you give details of WHO THESE IMAGINARY PEOPLE ARE?  Or are you speaking the word of G_D.  I look at your banner and you have all these names of these people who are supposedly Steve.  Every single one of them isn’t.  Are you going to continue to deny that you’re harassing people.  Circular-reasoning to justify why no apologies are owed?  How is my argument with a blogger almost 2 years ago – justification for saying that I’m Steve?  Makes no sense.  This is a witch-hunt.  All because Bimbo has a vendetta.  There’s something very wrong with a person’s psyche, when their hurts reach the level of vindictiveness, where folks – completely unrelated to Steve – are dragged into the drama.  Is it any wonder the guy is single?  Seriously, as if he’s the only person who has ever been hurt before?  But to drag this out for 7 months, and putting real people’s lives at risk?  I certainly don’t think that anything which – you guys – claim Steve has done, merits that.  The very fact that facts are twisted and fact are omitted, makes it clear that this isn’t about exposing.  For the very nature of exposing means – getting to the truth.  Telling half the truth doesn’t get us to the truth, does it?  In closing, get yourself a good shrink, Bimbo, before the anger you carry eats you alive.  I mean, one only has to look at your pictures, as of recent, to see that you’re looking mighty worn down.  Not being critical, just observant.

Disclosure:  If you have no idea what the hell is going on, don’t ask!  Those involved KNOW what is going on.  The rest of you, getting involved, on either side, perpetuates the drama.

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March 4, 2008

I don’t think some people understand the collateral damage their self-righteous mission has caused.  I don’t think people comprehend that I am indeed not STEVE.  I don’t think people understand how infuriating it is to have someone state that they’re faking cancer.  And I am stunned, after talking with Steve, to hear that people seem to think that we don’t want this drama to end.  You guys started this drama!  Do you not realize that?  The very manner which you handled your ‘speculations’ put everything else into motion.  Apologies are being demanded, in order for you guys to remove your defaming entries?  How incredibly arrogant.  Apologies are needed on both sides of the fence, folks.  And I’m a decent man.  I will allow you to apologize in private, because that’s the only kind you’ll get from me.  For I maintain that it was flat-assed wrong to turn this into a spectator-sport.  You delete your troll blogs, and I’ll delete this protest blog.  You stop writing entries about us on your personal blogs and we’ll do the same. Wait a  minute!  We don’t write about you on our personal blogs, anymore.  But you do!!!!  And we’re the only ones who need to apologize?  Hell, Steve went as far as completely removing every single entry, pertaining to YOUR DRAMA, from his blog!  And you’re gonna accuse him of not wanting this to end?

But so we’re on the same page, I want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing:

  1. Steve is to apologize (for a second time) for being manic 6 MONTHS AGO?  Something which, I know, Steve would’ve continued to go into even greater detail 6 MONTHS AGO, if you guys hadn’t attacked him, under comments – on that thread; to the point that he took his blog to private, for a while.  He knew he stumbled.  He got back on track.  And yet you all ignore that and address issues from 6 months ago, as if it’s still happening today!  Do you have amnesia?  Do you not recall that he has already done this?  Oh, that’s right, he did it.  But it wasn’t what you wanted to hear because it didn’t do what you wanted, which is to harass and humiliate; and hold onto the past.  Take ownership for your inability to distance yourself from your own resentments and you may be amazed to see how quickly amends can happen?
  2. You can apologize to our loved ones, spouses, friends – who indirectly were affected simply because they watched, helplessly, as we fended off real world crazies and cyber-harassment?
  3. I’m supposed to apologize for defending Steve?  Mark Whitecotton, Josh Luetkemeyer, Steve Pulignani are all usernames.  But you may want to apologize to those ‘people’ too.  Cuz sooner or later someone with that name is gonna find it in a search engine?
  4. You will apologize for putting people’s real lives in danger by putting address information on your blogs?  Yeah, you can play the social psychology game and say it ain’t your fault cuz it’s a group blog, but that is a bunch of bullshit and you know it.  A fucking retard would know that?
  5. You will apologize for harassing Steve, me, and all the other bloggers that you’ve accused of being us since this drama began?
  6. You will apologize to Steve’s neighbors who had to deal with the crazies that showed up at his doorstep – thanks to you guys – whenever he wasn’t home?
  7. You will apologize to my Sister-in-Law, who in a moment of grief visited our blogs to see you once again accuse Steve of lying.  You know when you harassed us, trolling our comments on our blogs stating that my Sister-in-Law’s other half did not die, and that Steve and I were big fat liars?
  8. You’ll apologize for all the harassing phone calls received since you listed that information on blogs?
  9. You’ll apologize for all the harassing comments we’ve recieved on our blogs, and the blogs of those you’ve accused of being us?
  10. You’ll apologize for all the lies you’ve told to ‘prove’ that we’re frauds?
  11. You’ll apologize for leaving comments and links on peripheral blogs in an effort to create chaos?  Here’s a perfectly fresh example.

Did I miss anything?  Boy, wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to not have made this a spectator sport from the very beginning?  And do you still want to do all the above formalities, or would it be easier to do what Steve did?  Delete, everything related to any of this and start with a clean slate.  Hey, choice is yours.  But from where I sit there’s a lot more apologizing needed on your end.

Disclosure:  If you have no idea what the hell is going on, don’t ask!  Those involved KNOW what is going on.  The rest of you, getting involved, on either side, perpetuates the drama.

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Life Must Be Dull In Tucson?

March 2, 2008

It appears that Tucson’s Homer Thiel, is justifying 6 months of harassment by regurgitating issues which Steve addressed 6 months ago!  They bring up old stuff as if they’ve discovered something new, and completely ignore that Steve already addressed it.  They’re skilled at telling half-facts, passing it on to the next blog friend, who adds their own half-facts; and 6 months later, Steve’s a crazed, multi-personalitied, pathological lying, internet stalking, multiple online identitied, freak – who extorts people to get them to stop harassing him, and threatens to get people fired from their job!  As far as extortion, let’s talk about that for a moment!  One could say that you guys putting personal information on the net which has led to real-world death threats is extortion.  I believe, and I think any logical reader would believe – that it was your hope that we would come clean with a “confession”; because of that information being listed!  Hence extortion!!!!  So don’t even go there about extortion!!!!!  What exactly was the premise for putting personal information – which led to death threats – on a blog (blogs which you and others clearly have no problem linking to)?  Don’t even tell me that it never crossed anyone’s mind that it might cause problems!!!  AND THIS CRAP THAT ANYONE COULD’VE FOUND THAT INFORMATION – WE ALL KNOW IS UNTRUE.  BECAUSE THE ONLY ONE WHO KNEW STEVE’S PHONE NUMBER WAS JIMBO, WHICH NEEDED TO BE INPUTTED IN ORDER TO FIND AN ADDRESS – IN A REVERSE DIRECTORY.  BUT YOUR EMPLOYER INFO WAS BASED ON INFORMATION YOU GUYS PROVIDED, THROUGH BLOGGING ENTRIES.   Anyhow, some of those who rail against us are complete liars, and yet Homer Thiel aligns with them; because they support his ’cause.’  That’s very scientist-like.  And I’m just Steve writing as the ‘bad guy!’   According to what Homer Thiel and others claim.  My goodness, DO YOU HAVE A LIFE?  OR IS YOUR LIFE that of HARASSING PEOPLE YOU DON’T APPROVE OF ON THE NET?  And do I need to point out the rest of the collateral damage caused by your vendetta with Steve?  I mean, your statement that I don’t have cancer, is case in point – of how ridiculous and misleading you are, Homer Thiel.  DO YOU CARE TO PROVE THAT I DON’T HAVE CANCER, OR IS THE WORD OF SELF-RIGHTEOUS HOMER ENOUGH, IN ITSELF?   Not a very scientific endeavor on your part, is it Homer Thiel?  It’s just another example of stating speculation as fact.  Something you’ve done for months, and is very NOT Scientific.  Something which you’re justified in feeling (in the sense that if one has a question, you seek an answer) but handled very irresponsibly.  It’s something which an email would’ve cleared up rather quickly, don’t you think?  But clearly your intent is not to get to the bottom of the issue.  It’s to harass.  You guys really need to look at who sounds crazy, here?  Homer, do you not remember attacking Steve on his thread about having a manic episode?  The one where he explained his actions, apologized, and asked for forgiveness, and focusing on getting back on track?  Do you notice from that point he’s been on track?  Well, to the best of his abilities.  AS the past 6 months has been nothing but defending himself against you guys rather than getting back to the purpose of his blog, talking about clinical depression.  Add that he and others are now harassed in the real world because of the very blog you linked to in your most current post (thanks to them listing information which has led to crazies showing up at his doorstep).  Anyhow, do you notice that ALL YOU GUYS TALK about is prior to that point?  Do you remember that thread?  You know?  The one where you accused his commenters of being Steve?  And when they proved without a doubt that they were not Steve, you didn’t bother to update your bullshit, did you?  You’re seeking the truth for the rest of us bloggers?  Let’s cut through the bullshit, Homer.  You omit facts when it supports your harassment.  Not very scientist-like, is it?  Now, maybe you’d understand my curiousity over proclaiming yourself as a scientist?  You point to old shit, which has already been addressed as if it’s something new, to once again validate your harassment.  The screenshots you guys use are old!  Once again, not very scientific, is it?  Using outdated information to prove something which has already been established and discussed?  But I guess mentioning that they were old, and comparing it to Steve’s current blog – from the point where he said that he’d gotten off-track, wouldn’t support your cause, would it?  Lastly, Homer – if your audience enjoys seeing you rehash issues over Steve every couple of months?  Well, then, I’m glad they’re not my commenting crowd!  Because before Steve, I know of at least one other blogger you did this to.  Then there was a ridiculous story about a girl who wrote something about Pandas.  You have a history of harassment, bud.  In my humble opinion.  Did any of those people DESERVE that?  I guess it’s perspective, but I don’t believe anyone deserves to be harassed.  Unless they’re a child molestor or something!  And at my age, one learns that it is wise to be humble.  You ain’t far behind me (in age), seems you may have some catching up to do – in that department.  And do you know what I guess you harassers will get out of this story?  A blurb, “Look guys, he even admits it!”  What exactly has Joshua admitted to in this piece?  Other than pointing out that Steve has already addressed issues which you all can’t seem to let go.  Is that his fault, or yours – the fact that you can’t let go and can’t seem to stop writing about us and visiting our blogs?  IT’S CALLED HARASSMENT.  One last thing.  If any employer is following all of this inanity (which seems to be a concern for some – and I want to point out that I never threatened for someone to lose their job, although that is what’s being claimed.  I merely followed your lead.  If you want to associate with people who jeopardize our safety, link inflammatory stories to our blog, list people’s addresses – then why can’t I have a link to your employer;  especially since some who have harassed, did it during work hours?), I certainly think that they’d be able to construe my take on harassment.  Your entries and those of others is only hurting you.  Not us.  I’m retired and Steve is self-employed.  Heck, just a few days ago, Steve reiterated that you leave him alone, under comments, and you ban him?  Don’t look good, Homer Thiel.  As far as what the world wide web thinks about us, at this point; we really don’t give a shit.  But apparently you guys do.

Disclosure:  If you have no idea what the hell is going on, don’t ask!  Those involved KNOW what is going on.  The rest of you, getting involved, on either side, perpetuates the drama.

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Doctorate for Research Archaeology?

February 28, 2008

Purpose/Update: If you’re wondering why I created this blog, perhaps this dialogue will answer your question. This is a comment that Steve (a separate entity from myself) left on Homer’s blog.  Steve respectfully defended himself, because the bloggers, I’ll discuss on this blog, keep associating us as the same person.  How can Homer be upset over my entry, below, when he validates our anger in his thread?  He perpetuates it and then plays the victim, IMHO.  As far as linking work and names, I simply followed the lead of the troll blogs which he participates on!  (The Wife of Billy Boy Dee & The Whitecotton Tales).  And Homer, I should’ve known you’d search for an opportunity to make this a drama, dragging people – other than myself into it.  I clearly left comments open on this thread so that you could’ve answered me.  I told you I wasn’t trying to stir up trouble, and I meant it.  Clearly you are though, and this blog will continue.  And on a tangent – Honestly, Homer, I don’t think it’s a bad picture of you.  I think you have a great smile, which is why I selected it:

Well, what’s interesting is how you guys keep clinging all of us together. Joshua is a 52 year old man, I’m a 39 year old man. That is Joshua’s blog, not mine. If you go to my blog, you can clearly see that I am trying to wash my hands clean of all this drama. No where on my blog will you find any of you guys linked in any way, anymore. There’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes, which I know you’re aware of, that you don’t mention. That’s fine, you can tell half the story. But I am not Mark Whitecotton, neither is Josh or was The_Gay_Dude. We don’t know the guy. But no matter how much I state that, I’m told I’m lying. Yes, I resent being called a liar over and over, told my pictures don’t match, and that I lied about a girl dying. Because you’re incorrect. But what I’ve asked all along, is for all of you to leave me alone. Is that too much to ask? I appreciate the offer for Lemon Meringue, but if it were Key Lime, I’d take you up on your offer.
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BANNED! I won’t have any more of this shit, Mark Whitecotton.
homer | Homepage | 02.28.08 – 9:34 pm | #

I did find this information where being classified as a research archaeologist requires a doctorate?  In which case, it wouldn’t make sense for a Master’s degreed, blogger-archaeologist to boast, under comments, of being a scientist.  I mean, computer science is a science, and I use a computer, therefore I’m a scientist?  I don’t think it works like that.  Then again, this information is by United Kingdom standards.  I’ll see what I can find regarding Americans.   Actually, in this article, it states that Homer Thiel is a Historical Archaeologist (which seems to imply that it is an Arts & Humanities field, under Anthropology – not exactly the Sciences).  The story also states that archaeologists are ASSISTED by scientists (like physicists – a non-humanities field).  You know what?  The more I think about it, this stuff is so trivial.  I’m already losing interest in this research project.  I wouldn’t want to give the appearance that I have no life, investigating other people’s business.  And in all honesty, it’s incredibly self-righteous, of me, to single out a blogger, the way that I am.  I’m so sorry for that.  Anyhow, I’m sure some friendly archaeologist will educate me, if I’m wrong in my assumption.  Because I have no desire to stir up trouble.  I’m simply trying to figure out why Archaeologist, Homer Thiel of Tucson, Arizona (who is the 4th all-time referrer to Steve’s blog); a man with a Master’s degree, called himself a scientist?  Is it to impress his blog friends?  Hell, we all want to impress.  That’s human, but misleading?  I don’t know, I’m rambling, because it’s late.  Maybe it’s just my age?  Back in the day, I needed to go to med school to do many of the things that Dental Hygienists do now.  It could be the same with other disciplines?  Where a PhD. or medical degree can now be substituted with a Master’s (at a lower salary)?  Not that there’s anything wrong with a lower salary or less education.  I’m thinking out loud, and placing my foot in my mouth! 

Oh, but before I bid goodnight, I want to congratulate this blogger for his hard work in working toward a Master’s.  I was inspired by his post.  I know he still has a little way to go, but I found his piece interesting!  And Jimbo, believe me when I say that I am being genuine in my appreciation for your academic strivings.  Because all you have to do is read this, to know that I don’t hold you in high regard.  But I give credit where it is due. 

In closing I’d like to quote a troll:  “If “BOY” studies archaeology, and archaeology is a science, and people who study science are scientists, then “BOY” who studies archaeology is, therefore, a scientist.”  The above quote is a classic example of a logical fallacy, something these trolls are very good at.  Finally, Kudos (Sorry, I know you don’t like that word, Homer – but I do) to Steve for sticking to basics – by taking to private 9/10th’s of his entry.  He took the advice of Brettcajun.  Brett has been blogging for a while, and seems to know many of these people who harass us.  And I could be wrong, but it seems these trolls are running out of ammunition?  Seems the only insult hurled yesterday was a reference about ‘throwing up’?  Maybe one should look at Steve’s comments for “The Truth about Honesty #2” entry?  And another thing, one of the trolls mentioned that her husband is starting to have ‘problems.’  Would not the sane & logical thing to do, be to turn off the computer – and help one’s spouse?  I mean clearly, you no longer have an ‘audience.’  Just going to google shows how your lies go further and further down the roster.  Seems more than myself have figured you out.  Heck, Brett offering Steve unsolicited advice tells me that MANY are on to you.  Well, at least, that’s my take on the whole thing.

Update:  I’m disappointed.  It’s almost 6p on 2/28, and I thought someone would’ve enlightened me.  I mean, a troll mysteriously had something to say about it, but not a real blogger.  Why did that troll take such interest in what I said?  Makes me wonder who that person REALLY is.  That troll sure got heated over my curiosities!  Strange, odd, and perplexing? 

Anyhow, if you’re curious over the troll blog, sorries.  I will no longer link to malicious blogs;  even to back up my story.  Oh man, I just realized something!  This is a no-comment blog.  But this entry begs for a response.  Like I said, I’m not looking to stir up trouble, and I was shocked to find a troll blog responding to this entry;  as it had nothing to do with them (or does it?).  Anyhow, I’ll allow comments for this post.  But they must stick to the topic at-hand.  My blog, my rules – and those who can’t follow, will be deleted.

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Troll Train

February 22, 2008

 Addendum on 2.29.08: 

Purpose:  It’s difficult to accomplish an explanation of harassment, which stretches over many months.  Things can get emotionally-charged, which is why I intend to remain objective.  I have posted some writings, on this site, that are now password-encoded.  One can feel free to email me (joshua.luetkemeyer@gmail.com) to view them.  I have nothing to hide, but I feel that things can’t be properly conveyed, if I delve into subjectivities.

Jimbo? I’m so confused, because you interchange ‘Mark’ with all of us. Are you referring to Steve or myself? In regards to ‘extorting’ Brettcajun, huh????  Why would Brett reach out to Steve, offering advice, if he felt that Steve/I were the same person – and that I had extorted him???  Makes no sense, bud!  And who threatened your worklife for calling us fakes? Can you show me where that is written?  Everything I’ve written is cached/unaltered (although you seem to think otherwise – how convenient).  The rest of the stuff you wrote is too ludicrous to address.  Oh, and yeah – I did call Durban Bud fat, NOT STEVE, it was me, Josh!  And I suppose you neglected to mention that the comment was in anger to another of your multiple posts about ‘us.’  You’re quite the spin-monger!  ALL OF YOU Tag-team and spin the truth.  All of you are ‘friends.’  So, spare me the bullshit, bud.  I’m too old for that shit, and frankly, I think you are too!  And I apologized for my anger over YOUR entries, where I called you a bimbo and TJ fat!  So trying to incite your readers with partial facts, ain’t the way to go.  Dude, you need to get over yourself.  You are not that almighty or important.  None of us are!  Anyhow, what’s funny is how they all blog at the same time.  Does anyone else see colluding going on?  I couldn’t figure out how people could have the time to devote on ‘us.’  Now I have the answer, it’s a collaborative effort!  Kudos, boys.  But remember, when all is said and done, Steve and I will still be blogging.  I know your effort is to humiliate and run us off the net, but we are just as entitled to be here, as you are.  Once again, get over yourselves.  Because today’s antics validate the purpose of this blog:

I am Josh, the author of this blog. I won’t hide behind a troll blog to express unpleasant things. If you don’t like what I’m saying, don’t read it. If you believe what I’m saying, I don’t want to hear about that, either. I’m just tired of established bloggers using their networking connections to wrongly defame new kids on the block. The premise of this blog is simple. It’s a reactive site. Another words, I write in RESPONSE to those who choose to play internet games. Anyhow, I do have a life, so I blog when I have the time.”


A Little Background:  Definition of Troll:  One who posts a deliberately provocative message with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.  As far as this blog goes, I speak for many who were the victim of trolls.  However, there is another blogger posting a synopsis.  Anyhow, today, I focus on James C. Barrett.  Because his actions set everything else in motion.  James C. Barrett chose to write a blog entry on August 22, 2007 at 9:31 A.M., during the work week; about another blogger.  James C. Barrett of Washington, D.C. never emailed, telephoned, or clarified by any other way of correspondence – his speculations or concerns about said blogger.  Instead, James C. Barrett simply posted a blog entry on his site Jimbo.info;  being sure to link the targeted blogger, so that harassment was ensured.  Oftentimes, prefacing entries (he wrote several after the first one) with statements like, “Visit him, he needs some attention.”  747 hits came to the defamed blogger’s site, from that link; just on the first day of posting.  320 threatening comments were left on that day.  Most of the comments were from people who never interacted with this blogger before.  In fact, Jim Barrett’s blog is the all-time #1 referrer to the targeted blogger’s site.  From that point, things escalated across many personal blogs, ultimately leading to myself, and other bloggers receiving credible death threats – in the real world.  These threats became a reality because personal bloggers displayed our pictures along with accessibility to our addresses, on their websites:

Jerry and I are watching the first flakes hit the ground.  The news stations are turning a 4 inch snow storm into a major event.  Actually the ice is the thing I’m not too keen about.  Anyhow, Jerry got mad at me because I started laughing out of no where.  I do that a lot.  He wasn’t mad about the chuckles, because he’s used to it.  He was pissed because I shared that the blissfullness had to do with the crazies on the net.  He’s tired of hearing about it!  But after reading The Wife of Billy Boy Dee’s recent erratic entries, it made me grimace.  Because all I could think was, “Jimbo linked to this unhinged blogger as proof that I’m a fraud?  You have got to be kidding me!”  In all fairness, he (Jim Barrett of Jimbo.Info) chimed into this part of the drama, indirectly.  Because Jimbo was referencing Steve, but all of these queens claim Steve & I are the same person (and of course, all of us are Mark Whitecotton – who isn’t even anyone we know; but he [Mark Whitecotton] doesn’t appear to participate in online life – we did our own local search and there doesn’t seem to actually be a Mark Whitecotton in Baltimore.  At least not one with a phone number!).  Additionally, it was indirect because Jim Barrett of D.C. (who seems to hate his job and where he lives; which may explain some of his reprehensible actions) linked to Darin Scruggs of Phoenix, who officially broke ‘the story.’  But clearly his intent was to jump onto the defamation bandwagon.  All these people tag-teaming?  I guess they think the more bloggers who write about it, the more realistic?  I’m still laughing.  Now can you see why?  It’s funny.  Anyways, the only thing I know, to be true, is that these people need to stop blogging about us (directly and/or indirectly)!  Because this laughter is going to kill me!  And if the chuckles don’t, the carpal tunnel might.  Because I’ll keep blogging and linking, until these people crawl back into their holes; in regards to any of us.  Because every single one of us, from day one, has done nothing but ask that you leave us alone.  Every entry written (across the board, regardless of targeted blogger) has been in RESPONSE to others.  Care to call us liars on that point, as well?  Bottom line, a truce would be nice.  Everyone stop, and walk away.  But something tells me that some of you don’t want the drama to end.  You’re enjoying it too much, and that’s disturbing.  O Lordy Lou, I’m laughing again!  Well, got to go; Jerry made Bailey’s and hot chocolate.

Disclosure:  If you have no idea what the hell is going on, don’t ask!  Those involved KNOW what is going on.  The rest of you, getting involved, on either side, perpetuates the drama.